Your Cat Might Be Judging You. Or Is It You?

You may hate the bible as much as you want, but it won't change the fact that it has its good bits. The bible says something about how you judge others the way you judge yourself (and that you'll be judged as you judge), which psychologists has managed to get some scientific proofs on in the aftermath. Not many people think of these facts as they walk the street thinking everyone gives them mean stares and grumphy facial expressions. Few people ask themselves if they're the real problem as they get pissed because "everyone" act like complete idiots, and nobody insane ever ask themselves if their sanity is to blame as everyone act strange around'em, always tense, scared or frustrated.

Sometimes the way you judge yourself affects the way you interpret situations and people. If you're angry enough, it's not unlikeable that your chair looks angry, too. It migth even give you the thought that it's making fun of your bad taste in fashion or skills in math. As you fail, the feeling of others making fun of your failures will only occur if you're able to do the same.

In other words; smile at yourself and the world might smile back.

- Does your cat judge you? Is it evil, or is your mind just tricking you?

*Answer: cats are evil, it's probably judging you.

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