What is Love?

What is love? Is it just a jolly feeling such as described in the cheesy songs? Is it a word that shortly refers to attraction in any way? Some sort of feature we gained during evolution to keep our species alive? Is it a feeling we're born with to help survive and cooperate with each other as individuals and as a part of nature, or is it simply taught to us as a way of socialicing, a norm?

Obviously we have different understandings of the term. Some might forget-, or maybe choose to forget about friendship, partnership between owner and animal or anything not refering to the typical ''man and woman'' type of releationship when they think of love. They might even think anything else would be unreasonable or as a cause of ''disease'' or ''delusions''. Others believe there are various types of ''love'' that goes for everything from what a flower feels for water to what a other might feel for her child. Is it love when we help a fellow individual through a problem? Is it sympathy, or the selfish urge to feel good about oneself? Is it love when a parent sacrifice itself for its child, or is it simply instincts? Is it love when you feel like you could do anything for your friends, or is it rules and ways, taught to you by the society?

Born with or not, it doesn't really make much of a difference to the greater picture. It might make the life brighter for some, darker for others, and the world both peaceful or filled with rage and conflicts, all depending on where, what and when it takes place, and how. It might be misery, it might be joy, it might be instincts, it might just be what keeps us and our species alive. Only thing for sure; it's most likely to be something quite different to you than it is for me.

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