Express Your Inner Hell

There's something horrible inside all of us, either it's cruel thoughts, fantasies or urges. Some people might think they're insane because of these uncontrollable things they keep inside their mind, maybe because they're unaware of the fact that all of us have them. Good thing thinking and acting is two very different actions.

Though thoughts are harmless, they can easily lead to strong urges that sooner or later will turn into harmful actions if they are not taken care of. Many choose to protect themselves with calming lies and ignorance, sort of by hiding their inner feelings, thoughts, fantasies and urges believing they'll disappear that way. Unfortunately this might only have effect in the short term. This might be one of the reasons to why there are so many scenes of murder and abuse each day all over the world; we get controlled by our hidden feelings in the aftermath.

Don't be afraid to express your inner hell through harmless actions such as speeches, art, music and open conversations. Fear what will happen if you choose to deny your horrible self.

- Do you consider youself a horrible individual?

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