Love, Friendship and Cheesy Helium Balloons

We take risks all the time, even without thinking about it. Some choices contains large amounts of potential consequences and should be carefully thought about before making a final decicion, such as opening up for others. Are you willing to share sympathy and trust with another individual just for the sake of company and friendship? And how much trust are you willing to put into the releationship? What if something goes wrong and you end up worse off than before?

Opening up for others are very much like taking a ride with a helium balloon. The higher you go, the harder the potential fall will be. Still, the great view is a fact - and the fall is just a possibility. A possibility is worth taking into account anyhow. Will you be able to survive the fall? How far can you go until the fall will be life-threatening? How far are you willing to go, and most importantly - are you willing to take the ride to begin with? Is the potential fall worth the view?

In the end, are you going to let yourself control by fear?

- Do you like taking risks?

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