The Greatest Enemies Are Inside of You

It is what you're craving to run away from that will continue hunting you down. This is what makes life so unfair. It seems that your fears wont ever let you alone, and those fears, which are what you wish to hide from, turns out to be impossible to either run or hide from. They'll appear, if not physically, mentally. They appear in our dreams, in our thoughts, taking place in our mind to control our actions.

To get rid of your fears, you will have to accept them. Trying to believe they're not there will only work for small periods before they return, maybe even stronger than they were before. Having fears doesn't indicate you being weak. It's weakness that keeps you away from accepting your fears. The reason we sometimes find ourselves dreaming about our greatest fears might simply be because it's a way of forcing us into facing them and maybe get to do something about it. Fears are like enemies; to take them down, you'll need to get to know them first.

Some enemies lasts till the very end because nobody wants to end the war peacefully. Some wants to end it by eliminating or by being eliminated. Truth is there's always another option. The fear is a part of you, and pretending it's not, would only make the hunt everlasting. Stop fighting yourself, and the fears might turn around and help you grow stronger. The best thing to do would be to take your very fear by the hand and say the final words before continuing in peace; well played.

- Have you got fears?

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