Into deep

I'll start writing in English from now because Norway is such a small country with such little amount of people, and most of those people seem to be interested in blogs about make-up and fashion, which means i'm almost only writing to myself as i'm writing norwegian. I wan't to share what i've got on my heart to as many as possible, partly so that some people won't feel alone about strange thingies in life.

One of those strange thingies might be losing yourself. It can be caused by many different kinds of things, like confusion, feelings, fear or simply by not keeping an eye on yourself often enough. It's important not to lose yourself, mostly because in the end, you're the only person you might find trustable, and sometimes not even that.

A brilliant example of losing yourself completely might be the tale of Romeo and Juliet which i assume most of us have heard about. Two people getting blinded in a second before taking their own lives in confusion. Some might find this cute, but when you come to think of it, it's somewhat selfish and not to mention stupid.

Falling in love, falling in depression, falling in tragedy, they're all like falling deep into the water. The higher you were before something hit you in the face and threw you towards the surface of the water, the deeper you get swallowed into it, but one thing's for sure; you might always be capable of reaching the air again if you give it some time. Don't let the illusions fool you into drastic solutions and suicide, because you won't see fully clearly until you've got your head up from the water.

-Have you ever been into deep?

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28.02.2013 kl.09:57

wish I had had your sense and wits about me when I was your age. Guess its never too late. 'You're my forgotten sun'. That almost made me cry, been having a bad day. Thanks :)

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